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Volumetric dosing unit completely in stainless steel
AISI 304.
  • Parts in contact with the 316 stainless steel product.
  • Dosing volume adjustment, from 50cc to 1500cc, by manual handwheel with numerical indicator of reference.
  • Gaskets suitable for chemical products esolvents (acetone).
  • The dispenser is assembled with TRI-clamp type quick couplings to guarantee a simple disassembly and rapid cleaning of parts a product contact.
  • Standard pneumatic tapered rotary valve built completely in stainless steel.
  • Conical obturator in material suitable for food, chemicals and solvents with a maximum temperature of 85 ° C.
  • Internal steps 20 * 30mm. suitable for the passage of dense products with medium pieces. Reconciliation
  • clamp 2 ”in hopper suction.
  • N ° 2 interchangeable dispensing nozzles
  • Standard stainless steel base with dosing automation (with
  • continuous washing cycle).
  • Stainless steel table-top with all the controls for regulating the doser.
  • Emergency mushroom, mains input, lubricator reducer filter, doser controls (suction and dosing).
  • Operation pedal with 2mt of tube.

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