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The operator manually arranges the capsules (about 50) in the special telescope placed on the left side of the machine, rests the container that must be closed under the head, presses the two buttons and automatically the machine brings the capsule under the closing head which by means of a magnet is retained, at this point proceeds to close up to effect a perfect closure of the capsule (adjustable through the friction rings), after this operation the closing group rises to give space to a new operation.

The aforesaid cycle is automatic and timed adjustable by the operator based on the Ø of the capsule for a production of about 8/10 pots per minute.

  • Square shaped base complete with cover and side covers in AISI 30 stainless steel.
  • Central column bearing the closing head. 
  • Side column to which the automatic capsule set unit is fixed, adjustable at the same time with the capping machine. 
  • Height adjustment screw.

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