Machine for the extraction of essential oils from medicinal plants
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  • Excellent quality of the essential oil which is transparent and completely clear compared to the essential oils that are on the market, this is achieved thanks to the low processing temperatures. Innovative electric heating system with low energy consumption, NO HOOD NO GAS or other feeding system, only needs an electrical outlet! Work safety (perfect for use on educational farms or in schools)
  • Reduction of extraction times
  • Cooling chiller with recycled water REDUCED WATER CONSUMPTION!
  • Greater yield obtained by dividing the baskets into different sections
  • Different production capacities of the plants depending on the product to be processed, available in 20lt, 100lt, 300lt, 600lt, 1000lt, in the electric and steam version
The plant consists of:
  • 600lt capacity tank in Aisi 304 stainless steel reinforced and insulated so as to limit heat loss and reduce energy consumption
  • Convex reinforced lid
  • Innovative energy-saving heating system
  • High performance vacuum pump, vacuum adjustment system
  • Aromatic steam cooling circuit via closed circuit chiller
  • PLC for treatment temperature regulation and work cycle management
  • 3 stainless steel circular trays complete with lifting handles
  • support on 4 feet hoist for basket extraction
  • 4 baskets
  • trolley for lid support
  • trolley for basket support

  • steam generator
  • automatic oil / hydrolate separation system
  • group 4 baskets
  • additional cart


Besides the extraction of essential oils, you can also be interested in the drying of medicinal herbs.
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You can watch our extraction tests on essential oils on the "video" section of our website or follow us on the YouTube channel

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You can also find our plants in the FIPPO portal, the Italian federation of producers and medicinal plants.

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