Automatic tank for continuous washing of fruit and vegetable products, made entirely of Aisi304 stainless steel, comprising:
  • Shaped stainless steel tank for manual loading of the product to be washed; 
  • Water distribution manifold placed at the inlet with jets positioned at a specially designed angle; 
  • Water recirculation pump (closed cycle operation with considerable water saving); 
  • Impurity collection system; 
  • Product flow regulation by means of a perforated wheel adjustable in height and speed; 
  • Impurity elimination filter;
  • Perforated wheel to completely submerge the product and control its progress on the outfeed belt and eliminate floating impurities; 
  • Spray nozzles for final sprinkling rinsing fed from the water mains; 
  • Blower for water bubbling through a perforated rack at the bottom of the tank; 
  • Water discharge with valve and overflow; 
  • Elevator belt formed by a food-grade polypropylene belt with flights for automatic product discharge; 
  • Adjustable motor-drive for belt pulling; 
  • Electric control panel for work cycle management.
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