Semi-automatic washing tank suitable for any type of fruit and vegetable product, made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and consisting of a single tank with a blower pump for washing by bubbling.
The operator manually loads, unloads and rinses the product, and starts and stops the work cycle.
The perforated plate on the bottom for the accumulation of solid residues is perforated and removable, making it perfectly washable and sanitised. A drain valve is placed at the bottom of the tank to perfectly eliminate all soil residues. The tub is equipped with a water filling valve, overflow, total drain and a hand shower for rinsing with clean water.
The tank consists of:
  • Single sump with blowing pump for washing by bubbling and tap for use as a sink;
  • 100-litre capacity Aisi 304 stainless steel tank;
  • Drain tap with hot and cold water, removable shower for rinsing;
  • Suitably sized blower for creating turbulence that allows perfect washing of the product;
  • Support on 4 adjustable feet for levelling the structure;
  • Equipped with overflow and total drain.
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