Machine for blanching, cooking sauces, jams, fruit, creams, etc. and pasteurising glass jars.

The machine is equipped with:

  • Circular stainless steel cooking and mixing vat that maximises heat conduction with insulated walls; 
  • Fully removable bottom scraper blade and band; 
  • Temperature detection probe inside the vat during product cooking;
  • Stainless steel drain valve that can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning, which also allows filling of jars directly from the tank (excluding CM10); 
  • Perforated mesh basket for blanching products and/or pasteurising jars; 
  • Manual tank tilting by means of a mechanical lever to facilitate product release.

The process is managed automatically with a touchscreen PLC through which cycle times/temperatures can be programmed, then recipes can be created and stored.

In addition to the previous features:

The VACUUM models are equipped with a vacuum pump system that creates a vacuum inside the machine to concentrate the product at low temperatures.

TRIVALENT models are equipped with printer for HACCP pasteurisation cycle recording

and using software it is possible to calculate the heat treatment F100-P92.

The Cook-Mix line is available with power supply:

  • Electrical : Induction heating system, high energy saving and reduced working time;

  • Gas : Mehtane Gas/GPL;
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