Steam operation equipped with a suitably sized condenser. The machine is supplied on a stainless steel profile frame whose dimensions can vary in height according to the customer's requirements.

The structure is completely in stainless steel with a conical bottom bottom and hemispherical top.

The structure allows working with medium pressure steam up to 5 bar reducing consumption and working time.

  • Vacuum gauge, vacuum breaker tap, sight glasses;
  • Temperature indicator;
  • Liquid ring vacuum pump;
  • Electric control and management panel in stainless steel case;
  • Condensation tower;
  • Variable speed mixer blade.
  • Equipped with:
    • Motovariator with stainless steel blade and Teflon-o scraper;
    • Silicone rubber;
    • Condenser connection flanges;
    • Manhole-type door;
    • Washing ball;
    • Sampling probe;
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