Professional dryers for drying/dehumidifying products with dehumidified air

In the ECO line dryers, incoming air is treated by filtration, dehumidification and heating, sent inside the processing chamber, pushed onto the product and finally, once saturated, expelled to the outside so as to achieve continuous changeover.

The dryers are equipped with an air treatment unit that provides moisture removal and preheating, so as to reduce energy consumption. A suitably designed air intake and diffusion system ensures its even distribution over each tray, with alternating horizontal flow on both sides.

Finally, with the PLC panel it is possible to program three steps of temperature and duration of the working cycle, so that any product can be processed, as well as it is possible to set temperatures above 45°C to obtain crispy products.

All dryers are built with insulated panels made of food-grade painted sheet metal and stainless steel diffusers.

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