AISI 304 stainless steel machine with product collection hopper for processing

Equipped with:

  • 6 sorting wheels;
  • Peel crushing system with wheels and rubber inclined top;
  • Ventilated inclined plane system for fruit rolling and separation from peels;
  • Peel and dust collection compartment with removable pvc barrel;
  • Clean fruit collection compartment complete with pvc box;
  • CE-compliant electrical panel;
  • Adjustable support feet;
  • Removable soundproof panels for easy maintenance.

Peels and fruit are harvested separated automatically by the machine.


AISI 304 stainless steel machine with product loading hopper with 3 sorting wheels.

  • Pvc tank for collecting the fruit and peels;
  • No. 3 rubber wheels to carry out peel crushing by separating them from the fruit;
  • Feeding switch.

Peels and fruit are collected in the collection compartment located in the bottom and then will be separated manually by an operator.

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