The machine consists of four main sections made of AISI 304 stainless steel:

  • Product loading unit, made by means of a vibrating plate on which the product to be processed is deposited;
  • Engraving unit, suitable for making a circular engraving useful for detaching the peel and the underlying film;
  • Blanching unit, made by means of a tank containing boiling water in which the product is passed for an imposed time in order to explode the peel;
  • Product transfer belt from the blanching tank to the manual shelling bench.

The product, previously washed, is discharged into the loading hopper, which with its vibrating movement conveys the chestnuts one at a time to the machine that causes the incision, where a special system of blades provides a cut of small and adjustable circular depth on the shell. Once the incision has been made, the chestnut continues on its way going to fall into the blanching machine, where through a rotating basket it stands for the desired time, and then falls onto a conveyor belt that provides for pushing the chestnut onto a sorting bench where the operator with a manual operation separates the two skins from the fruit then discharging each into its container.

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