The candying monoblock is composed of an AISI 304 stainless steel tank equipped with a scraper blade and bottom heating for mixture preparation and regeneration.

The tank is insulated with insulating material with low thermal conductivity and is equipped with perforated and removable tray baskets positioned so that when the product is floating, it will not be able to escape and disperse in the tank.

A pump keeps the mixture in continuous motion during heating. The mixture treatment temperature is held by hot water circulating in the honeycomb cavity of the tank and heated by a group of heating elements.

The tank is equipped with:

  • Flip-top lid;
  • Vacuum pump for mixture preparation in order to avoid caramelization of sugars and, in fruits that allow it, also make candying in vacuum;
  • Mixture loading and unloading system and automatic recycling;
  • PLC for work cycle management;
  • Cart for basket support;
  • Mechanical tank tilting system for total draining of the tank.


  • Pulley for loading/unloading baskets;
  • Basket transport cart.
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