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The technology of our plants is based on the TRE "D":


Non-stick food mats

The dehumidification process eliminates a large part of the water, present in the gaseous state, inside the air, favoring the removal of water from the products to be dried. Furthermore, following our research, we have developed a system that makes the air distribution as uniform as possible both on individual trays and on trolleys. For this reason it will no longer be necessary to change or reverse the position of the trolleys or trays during the drying process. The use of continuously renewed air has allowed us, finally, to reduce processing times and to standardize them in any weather condition.

equipped with 10 food-grade PVC trays with a load capacity per cycle of fresh product ranging from 10 kg to 40 kg.

equipped with 20 pvc food trays with a load capacity per cycle of fresh product ranging from 20 kg to 90 kg.


  • Continuous replacement of the processing air so as to preserve the freshness of the product (No air recycling).
  • TREATMENT OF THE PRODUCT AT LOW TEMPERATURE(below 45 ° C) WITH DEHUMIDIFIED AIR so as to leave the rehydration and the organoleptic characteristics of the product unaltered so as to elevate the QUALITY INDEX;
  • Uniformity of distribution of the working air so as to obtain a uniform processing on all the shelves;
  • Low operating costs and low electricity consumption;
  • Possibility of managing the humidity level (RH%) present in the product according to the system and the product's dry or semi-dry storage time.

  • trolley with n. 40 pvc food trays
  • pvc trays
  • blue pvc trays
  • stainless steel trays

PLC for work cycle management

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