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Macchine e tecnologie per il settore alimentare

The constant technological research and the experience easy come from the Tred Technology srl allows you to design and manufacture machines and systems for the food industry ,just the high level of reliability and evolution, suggesting optimal solutions that enable customers to maximize and enhance the characteristics of raw materials and finished products.  The objective is focused in assisting the customer from the definition phase of the requests (advice) to the start-up phase of production (testing) and beyond, until complete  customer satisfaction. Tred Technology s.r.l. has as the objective of small and medium sized businesses with the right technology for processing of the product in order to reduce the cost and time management, standardizing production, but at the same time protecting the uniqueness and quality.
Our target market for the agri-food sector relates to the realization of:

  • system  for drying of food for the fruit and vegetable;
  • system for drying meats and cheeses;
  • machines for transformation and processing fruit and vegetable;
  • machines for transformation and processing milk and other dairy products;
  • machines for transformation and processing chestnut and truffle;
  • machines for confectionary sector;
  • machines and system for pollen.

The qualities of our company are many the most important is to have inside us all the resources necessary for the satisfaction  to the customer.  Our commercial office, in collaboration with the technical office, has the right skills so that we can put towards the client as a consultant, rather than as a supplier, to join him and support him so well in the technical choices.

Another competence is that of the prototype, or in the realization of the machine, designed so as to obtain the finished plant, through which it is possible to verify the functionality of the system. The company collaborate with other companies that have experience in projects of mechanics system, in respect of which adopts a system of control of the production process in order to avoid disinformation between the design and construction of the parts ordered. The company then took charge of testing and commissioning of the demonstration of machines at work.

The mechanical and technical drawings are made through programs such as 3D/2D CAD, starting from a  idea or project we create images and videos that simulate the operation or handling of the products.

The technical office, after having acquired the order from the customer and after any findings in the field, will design the entire system making the process diagrams, installations, drawings for production, guidelines for automation as well as the writing of user manuals and operating instructions.

All of these activities allows us to get to the day of the starter of the plant on revere agreed upon with the customer.  The expertise of our company is directed to the design and implementation of innovative systems that respond with precision and reliability to the specific needs of the productive sector of relevance.
Our solutions are functional, personalized and effective for the choice of production systems.