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Macchine e tecnologie per il settore alimentare


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The machine has the purpose of refining various types of ripe or pre-cooked fruit and vegetables.
Various models are available with one or two processing stages (with single or double body), and according to the type of product to be processed and the required characteristics of the finished product. The machine is fed by a hopper or by a DN connection. The product entering the sieve is centrifuged by the beaters rotating at high speed. The purée passes through the holes in the sieve and falls into the discharging hopper, while the wastes (skins, seeds, etc.) exit from the rear part of the machine. The diameter of the holes in the sieve varies according to the product.

Available three model:

D. 220x800. Hourly output 400/500 kg.

D. 220x1000.  Hourly output: 500 kg raw tomato and 600/800 kg  tomato puree.

D. 300x1000. Hourly output: 1000 kg raw tomato and 1200/1500 kg tomato puree.


• Made entirely of STAINLESS STEEL.
• Particularly strong and large sized structure.
• Rotor composed of a central shaft, on which the adjustable beaters are fitted (they can be in stainless steel or in special rubber).
• Perforated stainless steel sieve, fast and easy to change.
• Product fed into the machine by a hopper or by a DN connection, waste discharge hopper, purée receiving hopper or DN connection.
• Easily opened inspection covers equipped with safety microswitch.
• Inner washing manifold.
• Rotor driven by electric motor with trapezoidal belt transmissi