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STEAM CUOCIMIX  is the ideal machine for cooking sauces, sauces, jams, jams, fruit, legumes, creams, gastronomic products that need quick cooking and for pasteurizing glass jars. The cuocimix is available in two versions:

The cuocimix only cooks the product


  • Extractable perforated stainless steel basket for scalding the product and for pasteurizing glass jars.
  • Probe inside the jar to check the core temperature of the product.
  • Recording and printing of the HACCP PASTEURIZATION cycle

The steam cuocimix has some features that make it unique:

Stainless steel cooking, mixing and pasteurization tank.

The drain valve allows the cans to be filled directly from the tank with the blade moving.

Jar probe to check the temperature of the product core during pasteurization

Fully removable bottom and side scraping blade with variable speed motor.

Digital controls for managing the processing cycles.

Pasteurization cycle printer

Stainless steel drain valve completely removable and sanitizable.

Stainless steel basket for product scalding and pasteurization of glass jars, complete with stainless steel handles


valid for both the basic and trivalent versions

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