We are specialized in the design and construction of complete laboratories for the transformation of agri-food products and for the production of herbal products.

Thanks to a winning combination of technological skills and continuous innovation, we offer state-of-the-art systems to best meet the needs of our customers. We boast a wide range of turnkey multi-purpose laboratories for the fruit and vegetable, dairy, drying, extraction of essential oils, processing of chestnuts and truffles, cleaning of pollen and production of creamy honey. Our machines are characterized by a design innovative, sturdy and compact, with low energy consumption, made entirely of Aisi 304 stainless steel in compliance with European CE standards.

Thanks to the different production capacities of our machines we can satisfy different types of customers: Farmhouses, Educational farms, Farms, Small laboratories, Start-ups, Restaurants, Hotels, Schools and Universities but also medium-large plants for automated processing in continuous.

Our sales department, in synergy with the technical department, follows the customer in all phases: from the sizing of the laboratory, based on production needs and the set budget, up to the drawing up of the estimate. We offer our customers the possibility of being able to carry out demonstrations on the use of our machinery thanks to a pilot plant installed inside our company. At the end of the contract we offer the following FREE services: Layout of the machinery inside the laboratory (definition of raw material flows / finished product) and layouts for the preparation of water and electrical connections. We also provide installation services, initial plant start-up, technical training and assistance on request.

We are attentive to customer needs, we provide flexible and tailored solutions. This attitude has allowed us to establish consolidated relationships of trust with our customers

Tred Technology, Via G. Perlasca 37, 86025 Ripalimonsani (CB) p.iva 01578560706