Machines for the production of creamy honey
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Machine for the production of high quality creamy honey

  • Obtaining stable creamy honey with impalpable crystals
  • Possibility of obtaining creamy honey without heating at high temperatures and even without added seed.
  • Possibility of obtaining completely crystallized honey in a few days even in the height of summer
  • Possibility to use the machine for mixing and
  • heating, with temperature control
Compact machine made entirely of Aisi 304 stainless steel;
Possibility of managing the entire crystallization cycle; (heating and cooling) by setting times and temperatures;
Insulation of the entire tank to limit heat loss and reduce energy consumption;
Stainless steel blade made in such a way as to prevent the incorporation of air into the product;
Heating and cooling system completely integrated in the machine body and manageable via touch-screen electrical panel;
Tank inclination by hydraulic system to facilitate product unloading at the end of processing.


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