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Macchine e tecnologie per il settore alimentare


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The machine has a stainless steel treatment chamber and external structure in painted steel, with hinged door. ECO 4 has a load capacity for each working cycle of fresh product between 70 kg and 400 kg. Inside the dryer there are two stainless carriage with 40 shelves and  80 trays inserted removable  in PVC food to distribute the product to be dried.


It can be used in the following ways: 

• Fan only; 

• Ventilation with dehumidified air; 

• Ventilation with heated air; 

• Ventilation with air dehumidified and heated


• Continuous air processing so as to preserve the freshness of the product;
• Treatment of the product at low temperatures (below 50 ° C) with dehumidified air so as to leave intact the her rehydrate and organoleptic characteristics of the product so as to elevate quality index;
• Uniformity of air distribution processing so as to obtain a uniform processing of all the shelves;
• Low cost of ownership and low power consumption;
• Ability to manage the level of humidity (RH%) present in the product as a function of the system and the retention time of the product, dry or semi-dry.