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Macchine e tecnologie per il settore alimentare


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The tank is constructed of stainless steel AISI 304 to contain fruit baskets door to more shelves and candying preheated mixture maintained at a suitable temperature for the entire processing cycle. The tank is insulated with insulating material of low thermal conductivity, is provided with door frames and removable perforated trays and positioned in such a way that in the process of floatation of the product, the same cannot go out and disperse into the tank.  On one side of the tank, a pump keeps continuously moving the mixture during heating. Once reached the processing temperature of the operation of the pump becomes discontinuous. The temperature rise occurs with group of resistors with low conductivity.

 Available: MOD. VCC25; MOD. VCC50; VCC100.


The feature of the system is to send outside air filtered, humidified and heated in the coating pan containing the product being processed, using a special diffuser that allows a continuous and uniform distribution of the air to the desired temperature: between 10 ° C and 30 ° C for products with cold treatment and between 40 ° C and 50 ° C for the products heat-treated. Also, with the same plant it is possible to manage for each processing cycle the degree of humidity of the almond before starting machining in order to avoid alteration of the properties.